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Too many people have no Will, or a LPA, because they find these subjects too daunting, or too expensive, or both. Newleaf want to change all of that, and we are making all these "legal tools" easier to understand, and much more affordable for all. Making Wills, LPAs and Trusts etc affordable for more people is no easy task and can only be achieved with the mutual cooperation of our clients.

It works like this:


Newleaf are known for offering excellent value for money
and we do not subscribe to fixed pricing tariff.
All Newleaf advisers are free to arrange individual terms with their clients.

When it comes to Lasting Powers of Attorney we cannot be equalled. It is our quest to help as many of our senior citizens as possible gain the protection of these essential documents. To this end we created a truly unique "age friendly" LPA service that combines low prices and a "step-by-step" educational process to eliminate much of the confusion with the subject.

It is our goal that Newleaf will become the byword for quality and good value for Will, Power of Attorney and Trust services. To achieve that goal we ask that you work with us for the benefit of all.

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Quality training courses for: financial services advisers & non-financial services individuals. Perhaps you've been made redundant, or looking for career change or want a second income?

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