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What are the potential earnings in year one?

Being a Will Writer with New Leaf could earn you a significant income. A typical Will Writer can earn £40,000 per year whilst building a business with real value and helping clients take control of their affairs.

Why are we different?

New Leaf Will Writers Federation is the only network for Will Writers that checks and supervises each and every Will written by its members. It’s this attention to detail that sets us apart from the others.

How soon can I start?

Joining New Leaf is easy. After we have your application we will assess it using our “Fit & Proper” process. This process reviews your honesty, integrity and financial soundness. It is vital that all of our members meet our standards for professionalism.

Are you regulated?

Will Writing in England & Wales is not regulated. This could change in the future and with that in mind we run the business with the systems and controls that we feel would be required if the industry were to fall under regulation.

What products can I sell?

Being a New Leaf member gives you access to a number of sales opportunities. Aside from Wills and LPAs you can also generate income from the sale of Funeral Plans and through referral of cases to our Estate Administration partner’s Kings Court Trust.

Can I work as a Will Writer part time?

Will writing can be done part time and we find people do this for a number of reasons. The first is that they use it to complement or drive other areas of their business. The second is that it can be very difficult to make the jump and begin a new career. Starting with Will Writing on a part time basis can give you the launchpad you need to begin your career in legal or financial services.

Am I covered under your Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)?

Yes. All New Leaf Will Writers are covered for the advice they give under our PII. You are covered up to £2million. Arranging your own cover can be costly and time-consuming – let us arrange it all for you.

How does training work?

Our induction course helps you to hit the ground running and start earning from day one. You will attend our Head Office in Southend for 3 days of training initially. This is complemented by further sessions throughout the year. This programme is a mix of distance learning and classroom-based sessions that help you progress and develop your knowledge and understanding.

How long does it take to write a Will?

After taking a client instruction, drafting a will using our intuitive system is fast and simple. The intelligent questionnaires allow you to create valid legal documents with a single data entry point..

How long does my contract last?

We hope that you will stay for many years but understand this might not always be the case. You are contracted in for the 1st 12 months but after this you will be required to give us three months’ notice. Many of our Will Writers have been with us for over 5 years and, with our help, continue to grow their businesses, extend their knowledge and enhance their professionalism.

What is the average case worth?

In our view, a typical family should be protected by Wills for Husband and Wife and a Financial & Health LPA each. Based on our average charges this would earn you between £600 and £1000. Helping just one set of clients per week will generate a 

significant income.

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