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Being a Will Writer is a fantastic way to get new business.


70 per cent of UK adults currently do not have a Will and your next piece of business is only a "yes" or a "no" away. 

What we mean by this is, ask a question of any adult, "Do you have a Will?" and the answer is "Yes" or "No". If they say "Yes" the professional Will writer will say, "Let me check the Will's validity for free". This will lead to definite business. If the answer is "No", then you write the Will for them; it's that easy!

Ask any parent the question, "What is your most valuable asset? You'll be amazed to hear them say, "My house, my car my jewellery".

A professional Will Writer, will remind them succinctly that the most valuable asset is their CHILD. As a Will Writer, or should we say guardianship expert; for a very small fee, the Will you produce, will secure that Child a guardian for life, chosen by their parent, should the WORST HAPPEN.


What a FANTASTIC service to provide to your community.

Secure this opportunity today by calling and speaking to us

01702 431130​


Picture Left - Samantha Challis. One of our IFAs, who holds a Will Writing licence, receiving her award at the end of year conference.

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