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Sam Wallis

Managing Director (NLWWF)

Head of Investments at New Leaf Distribution Ltd

Contact Sam to start your journey as a Professional Will Writer today

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Daniel Hobbs

The Manging Director of our network, New Leaf Distribution. To find out more about our network, click here

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Yvette Hobbs

Recruitment Director

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Sarah Mitchell

Sister to Mark Hobbs, our founder and Office Manager

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Lauren Hobbs

Daughter to Mark Hobbs, our founder. Commissions Department and Head of Sales at I Can Write Your Paycheque

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Jack Kennworthy

Nephew to Mark and Tina and cousins to Daniel and Lauren. Senior Chartered IFA Paraplanner

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Brad Kenworthy

Nephew to Mark and Tina and cousins to Daniel and Lauren. In Field Supervisor

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Mark Hobbs

Founder and Owner of the New Leaf Group of Companies. Mark has spent 15 years building the organisation, which is a family business at its core. Mark has made every effort to extend this family feel throughout the business.

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Tina Hobbs

Wife and mother to the family and Head of Sales.

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Human Resources Manager. 

Cyber Security Consultant.

Office Mascot.


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