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Monthly Fee - £150

The monthly retention fee allows provides you with:

  • Industry Leading Software

  • Our intuitive web-based software helps you to write valid legal documents quickly and efficiently. The system will also help you manage your sales process effectively with appointment booking, invoice management and marketing functionality. 

  • Unlimited Will File Checks “We are committed to approving every Will created by our members. This gives you the peace of mind that your work will have been given our seal of approval before being delivered to your clients.


  • Unlimited Document Creation “ Some systems limit the number of documents you can create or charge on a per document basis. New Leaf lets you work to your potential by allowing you to create any number of Wills and LPAs for a flat monthly fee.

  • Unlimited Technical Assistance “Our expert team will help you with any questions or queries that arise whilst you are writing wills. Our experts are available via email or phone“ you can rely on them to find an answer to your question.


  • Professional Indemnity Cover up to £2million “ Unlike other firms that make you arrange your own PI cover for an additional fee; New Leaf fully insures all its members with a comprehensive policy designed to protect you in the event of a claim.


  • Access to our Will Storage Facility. Once a Will is written it is the most important document a client owns and as such it should be stored securely away from any risk of loss or destruction. New Leaf has access to one of the most sophisticated and secure storage systems in the UK. All of your clients final documents should be stored in this way. This is a great benefit to market to prospective clients.


  • Access to our Referral Network - Being part of the New Leaf Group gives you access to specialists that will gladly assist your clients in areas outside of your expertise.

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