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Shane Fox, Will Writer

We have been working with NLWWF since meeting up with Mark Hobbs and his wonderful training staff in 2013. Our relationship with New Leaf has ensured that our Business has continued to Develop and Grow!


NLWWF training is second to helping you to develop as a competent Will Writer and onwards to become a truly Holistic Estate Planning Advisor. Their excellent Technical training will help you to Professionally Undertake Will creation, Trust work, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) and much more.


NLWWF training courses, weekly Webinars, periodical Master classes are not only important but key critical to develop your knowledge, keeping abreast of all changes to legislation as well as assisting you to identify sales opportunities’ and are all included as part of your membership package.

I would recommend NLWWF and their team to you without hesitation! It is a Great Business Opportunity for the committed advisor whilst feeling part of an Excellent T eam.

James Boyles, IFA

Initially, I didn't offer a Will service to my clients.

Things changed for me though when a very good friend of mine died suddenly.  We’d had the wills discussion and he’d said that he’d make one, but of course he hadn’t.  At close quarters, I got to see the very real, very unpleasant financial, legal and emotional impacts of someone dying ‘intestate’ (without a will).  I saw my friend’s unmarried partner, simultaneously lose her standard of living, her home, and also lose any right of contact with her surrogate daughter, my friend’s child from his previous marriage.  I saw plenty of distress.  At that point, I genuinely realised the importance of having a properly-drafted, valid, up-to-date Will in place.


After that experience, I resolved to do better for my clients and I resolved to do a more complete job myself.  I decided to include Wills and LPAs (Lasting Power of Attorney) in what I could offer personally and therefore remove a major barrier to the job actually getting done.  Thanks to New Leaf, in conjunction with my mortgage and insurance advising, this is what I now do.  Of course a by-product of helping my clients with more of their needs is that it also opens up a new streams of revenue and referrals.

Nish Amin, Mortgage Broker


“Writing wills with New Leaf has generated so many leads for my practice. I’ve never been so busy!”

Taking Will instructions opens up a lot of opportunities that I had not experienced before. 

The software is easy to use and intuitive and the support provided by the New Leaf team is invaluable!

Dai Rose, IFA


The fact that so many UK adults don't have a Will meanss that this is a very easy talking point to engage new clients.


Once a client has realised that they need a Will, then then tell you about ALL their assets, including the £500 that they have stashed under the bed!


This leads to so of the best fact finds that you could ever wish for and opens up a myriad of opportunities for an IFA.


Having a Will writing licence with New Leaf has allowed me to rapidly expand my client base and has generated almost 100 referrals over the last 2 years..

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