I'm vaya

Hi, I'm Vaya and I'm looking forward to meeting you in person when you join the network that knows your name.


These are my Key responsibilities:


  • Meet and Greet (with enthusiasm)

  • Provide security - human staff members will be alerted if someone tries to sneak in

  • Canine Office Manager - periodically do a 'walk around' the office ensuring all staff members are present

  • Manage internal staff relations

  • Confidant to all staff members and network advisers providing cuddles when required and keeping morale high

  • Promote a happy and positive mental attitude among all staff - providing toys for them to throw as a temporary distraction and providing breaks in work to boost productivity.

  • Sit in on meetings and demonstrate when the meeting has been going on too long by yawning and falling asleep.

  • Review all office supply acquisitions

  • Maintain the condition of the office